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Style edits - inline formatting versus blockquote formatting (`` vs 4 spaces)

Someone keeps going through various questions and answers making style edits. One of them is here. I do not understand the significance nor reasoning for changing a code sample to something with four ...
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Better styling for keyboard input in questions & answers

Super User and the other SE sites have support for the HTML <kbd> tag, denoting keys that should be pressed. These are styled in order to look like a physical keyboard key. On the W3C wiki page ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Stylesheets do not display on mobile sites

Since the past day or two, the mobile editions SU/MSU are being shown without the stylesheet. This happens on Android stock browser as well as Dolphin HD. Clearing cache has made no difference
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Tag styling on superuser

The tags on superuser has a 3-4 px thick blue border. Because of this, I find lists of questions a bit hard to read compared to The border takes the focus away from the titles, ...
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8 votes
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Super User bio background

On SO, and MSO, on a user's profile, the section on the right used for the bio has a grey background. On SU, it does not. The text is just on the same white background as the rest of the page. Yet ...
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Thoughts on the new superuser logo and theme? [closed]

Based on the comments in Logo Vote and this mock up I thought it worth canvassing opinions on the subject.
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