Can you re-open Can I share a USB drive between laptops without a physical tether?

I have referenced the model question in the blog and revised my question to the standard.

I revised due to concerns as of Nov 11, 2011 11am pst.

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Your question mixes up a couple of reasons why it doesn't fit the site.

You're not entirely clear about what you mean in extending a USB over wireless. Is that a data transfer from the stick to another port? Adding more reach to the signal?

Being unclear puts your question in a vague state, enough for votes to close as "not a real question" (NARQ).

But then it tries to clarify itself in terms of a laundry list of features. This makes it a shopping question and off topic.

Could have gone either way, but the tally of final close votes sided with NARQ.

  • I have removed all the shopping list items.
    – Fire
    Nov 14, 2011 at 19:02

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