The exact same same (as far as I can tell) operation is named sleep on Windows systems, and suspend in Ubuntu (those are the only two systems I can verify myself).

Would it be appropriate to merge those two tags?

There was a similar request for this already, however, it was declined with the reasoning that standby and sleep can be used differently; as far as I can tell, suspend and sleep do not share that problem.

  • Personally, I think the distiction between standby and sleep was trivial too. As Mechanical Snail on the other question pointed out, the different tags are all used to mean the same thing, even if there is a technical difference between them.
    – Wutaz
    Commented Apr 7, 2014 at 15:18

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I'm not sure these should be blatantly merged, as "suspend" by itself has two meanings.

  • sleep (Windows / common name) / suspend-to-ram (technical name) is where almost all the hardware is turned off, but the RAM modules are still continuously refreshed so that they do not lose their contents
  • hibernate (Windows / common name) / suspend-to-disk (technical name) is where the contents of the RAM modules are written out to a file on the harddrive, and then the system is turned completely off.

I would instead suggest creating the above synonyms, and retagging the questions to one or the other, as appropriate.

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