On Superuser, there are two tags for the same subject :

  • macbookpro, with 122 hits
  • macbook-pro, with 3 hits

That would be nice is someone could merge these two tags to macbook-pro (with a hyphen) I suggest, because you can already find the tag macbook-air (with a hyphen) and because you write MacBook Pro in two separate words.

By the way the tag macbook-unibody is only used 4 times, 2 times unnecessarily. Moreover, this tag is ambiguous, because there are MacBook unibody and MacBook Pro unibody.

I don't know if we should delete this tag or merge it with macbook or macbook-pro, but at the moment it's not useful.

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I agree with you that is should be macbook-pro as it follows the same convention as macbook-air and so forth.

For the unibody ones, I went through and modified them one by one as they each dealt with different issues and there was not many of them. One of them was specific to unibody models and HDD upgrades.


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