There is an tag, that has no description associated and is mostly used for questions concerning (which exist as tag and has an appropriate description). I saw one question though, that used it in the context of activating an hyperlink in a website. If a more general tag than is needed, it should be named , or am I wrong?

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I agree that questions tagged should be retagged appropriately as it is ambiguous and redundant. Questions about activating software other than Windows should get their own tag as you've suggested.

Most of the questions under are about Windows activation, so we should look at all of the questions under this tag and retag the questions about activating other software to . Afterwards, the tag can be merged into . As part of this process, the tag wiki excerpt for can be edited to direct users to tag other software activation questions , so that confusion can be avoided.

The hyperlink activation question has nothing to do with any of this, so I've removed the tag from the question.


All of the non-Windows activation questions under have been retagged accordingly, and I've proposed a tag wiki for . can now be merged into .

  • "activation can now be merged into windows-activation" - Done Aug 14, 2014 at 7:48

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