While questions tagged with seem to be really about it, is this tag useful for anything?


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It seems the tag port refers to network ports, not hardware ports.

case does seem to offer questions regarding computer cases.

motherboard is frankly, unwieldy in searching for this information.

Searching for motherboard+port isn't specific in trying to find questions about the front panel.

Searching motherboard+front gets us a bit closer to what we want and motherboard+front+port is about as close as we're going to get without "front panel".

Searching motherboard+front+panel will get us what we want. There are 74 of those questions with only 11 having the front-panel tag.

There are 26 questions total tagged with the front-panel tag.

To me, the front-panel phrase is necessary, but I'm unsure about the actual tag. No doubt it would just get recreated, though. Seems like maybe a better option would be to sort out questions that have to do with the front panel ports and get them into the tag?

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