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Retagging [google] questions [duplicate]

Some of the questions tagged with google actually relate only to Google Chrome and not to Google products / Google company in general, for example: How does Google Chrome installer work? Google ...
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Get rid of Microsoft tag [duplicate]

microsoft shouldn't exist, as it does not help find pertinent questions. I vote to get rid of it
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Let's dellete [dell] [duplicate]

There are currently 1002 questions tagged dell. According to Manufacturer & Company tags are back. Again: We don't like company-only tags, and there's been various crusades in the past to ...
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What should the [microsoft] tag be used for? [duplicate]

Initially, I assumed microsoft (132) is about the company. But I took a brief look through them and didn't find any about the company. In fact, all the question seem to be about various Microsoft ...
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Retagging [microsoft] questions [duplicate]

Same as the 2 previous questions I've posted: Retagging [google] questions Retagging [firefox] [mozilla] questions? Most of the questions tagged with microsoft (180 questions) relate to Microsoft ...
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Is the "microsoft" tag of any use? [duplicate]

I have found a tag named microsoft which was created August 26 with 10 questions. Does the tag have any use, or should it be removed?
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The monster that can't be killed

The microsoft tag is like something from a sci-fi horror movie. This manufacturer meta tag was cleaned out in March of this year, but people keep using it. I just fixed the third question in the ...
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Tag cleanup weekend 1 - After action reports and impressions

We had about 4-5 users who were actively/obviously cleaning up, and at least one complaint of over efficiency. How was tag cleanup weekend? More specifically, if you were involved, what tags did ...
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Can we get rid of the company tags?

I don't think any of the following tags have questions that benefit them: microsoft, apple, acer, samsung, sony, asus, ... And thinking in the meta tag way, a question that's only about those tags ...
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Pew Pew the Laser Tag

While working my way through the manufacturer tag clean up list I came across the tag laser. It has no description and the questions listed all appear to refer to laser-printer. Am I ok to remove ...
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Company tag necromancy: The zombie apocalypse!

Just when we thought we finally got rid of them all they appear to have been resurrected. adobe x 200 — about 100 software and service products, PDF, Flash, Flex, graphics and video editing, web ...
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Blacklist Google?

google (the manufacturer meta tag, see Manufacturer & Company tags are back. Again), was cleaned up a little over a year ago. It stayed dead for almost a year, but starting in July of this year, ...
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Is [GNU] a manufacturer meta tag?

The gnu wiki excerpt defines the tag as referring to the GNU OS. The wiki says the tag can be used for any software developed by the GNU Project. As far as I know, there is no working GNU OS, at ...
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Tags flash, adobe-flash and flash-player

flash: Adobe Flash is a cross-platform multimedia runtime used to embed animations, video, and interactive applications into web pages. According to Adobe, Flash delivers over 75% of online video ...
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Take away the chinese tag

While working on Manufacturer & Company tags are back. Again I have come across the tag chinese. There are quite a few questions on there of varying quality. What is it for, why do we have tags ...
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