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Should adding a constructive comment fail an audit? [duplicate]

I have just failed this audit for adding a comment. After having carefully read the question and the answer (which was in the first post review) I noticed that the answer ends with the following ...
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I think this review audit answer should be removed [duplicate]

I don't think that this is a good review audit answer. It's too flippant and short with no references. It does not matter that it was accepted earlier. As a stand alone test, I don't think it is ...
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Audit reviews shouldn't treat comments as negative input [duplicate]

So I was reviewing first posts and came across a good question. Me thinking it has no answers yet, I left a comment asking for more information and suggesting a solution to the question. Afterwards, I ...
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Commenting on a “High-quality” audit

I just encountered this answer to the question Is it safe to download and burn a disc image on an infected PC? in the First Posts queue.  It was an audit, so it displayed as it were a new answer, with ...
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Help with Audits [duplicate]

I find this ridiculous. Seriously. I'm going around review & notice an answer. I found a little common misconception and tell the user about it, and then get this: So this gives me a couple of ...
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One of those "trick" questions [duplicate]

Just chillin' I was in Review and the below question popped up but in a different view not showing the votes as one of those "test" reviewer questions that grade you based on whether or not it feels ...
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Understanding the flawed audit review system

I came across a post, analyzed its content, and subsequently answered, drawing from my own experience of encountering a similar issue in the past. In an effort to provide a comprehensive answer rooted ...
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Failed a few tests recently for reasons that fail

Just failed this test: How did I fail? By commenting. I commented OMG. That made my heart hurt. Yes, the OMG wasn't necessary. The entire comment ...
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Let's empty out the First Posts review queue!

There are currently 750 questions in the First Posts review queue. I would like to encourage people to help to clean it up. If everyone who has enough rep to participate will review at least couple ...
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Review Audit Failure

I just failed a review audit on this Hard drive clicking for 16 times during startup I was just adding a comment to ask the OP if they could add their screenshots to the SE Imgur. Other than that I ...
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Did the review process trick me?

I was reviewing First Posts and I got one that looked like a duplicate of another answer. Here's what it showed me after I failed: However, when I was ...
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