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Are questions about adblocking on-topic?

Our help says that questions about "websites or web services like Facebook, Twitter, and WordPress" are off topic. What about web browser add-ons, specifically configuring adblockers? We've had ...
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How to deal with questions about debugging?

I've met a question asking to debug an Excel formula without providing the necessary details: ...
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Request to reopen question 600238

This question about creating CD+Gs from MP4s was closed this morning, 27 May 2013, at 04:05 UTC for being off-topic: in its original form, the question was obviously a software-rec. Twelve minutes ...
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Is there a better site for this question?

Wondering if I should move to another site? Or if it belongs here, what I might do to improve it, since it is being ...
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Which forums can we point people to when they're asking for shopping recommendations?

Every once in a while, people ask for plain hardware shopping advice, which is off topic per our FAQ. However, there are probably countless forums that deal with hardware, and possibly even encourage ...
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Where does this question belong?

I asked a question about Whatsapp. It wasn't about the mobile version. It's a general question that is relevant to the desktop app as well as the browser version or the mobile app. But someone thought ...
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Why is this question about VMware Workstation's Record/Replay feature off-topic?

This is not my question, but it is a question that I possibly could answer: why is the question What versions of VMware Workstation has the “Recording/Replaying VM activity” feature marked off-topic? ...
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I'd like to know why my question was closed

I posted a question detailing my problems with Windows 8's File History. I use it for backups and I have a couple of things I'd like it to do, but it fell short. With certain specific needs in mind, I ...
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Why is my firewall question off-topic?

Question is Block TCP/UDP high-latency connections I thought it clearly fits "personal and home computer networking" category, as listed in Help Center. Other questions on intersection of gaming and ...
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