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No screenshots after asking for it, added them myself, dropping the comment. Edit rejected: "This edit ... should have been written as a comment ...."

Edit rejected: This edit was intended to address the author of the post and makes no sense as an edit. It should have been written as a comment or an answer.
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What's the reasoning behind the rejection of this edit (#774829)?

I'm referring to this edit: I'm almost afraid to ask (because I already asked in regards to other edits), but I'm still trying to learn, so I ...
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Unable to ask this question

I am unable to submit this question, it is not up to standards, as the fourm says... I am looking for a battery for a laptop from japan, says "PC-ns750aag-e3" on the back. I am having ...
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Trying to reach 200 rep, then this bogus? edit rejection

This edit rejection claims that I submitted this with spelling errors. There is no spelling error that I can find. I am at 198. Obviously, I am going to go edit another so I can hit my 200. Is ...
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Suggested Edit - Reject Reason

As per this meta discussion I asked about, I had to reject more because the edits still don't make the question on topic. Since this is the most popular reason that I am rejecting edits, can we change ...