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Questions tagged [user-interface]

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Visual Defect on Privileges Page

On the privileges page, when hovering over a row, the text-decoration:underline rule looks weird. Most of the the content is inside of a div inside of an anchor tag, so most of it doesn't have ...
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5 votes
0 answers

Long question titles not consistently shortened in user profile popup

Long question titles are usually shortened in the user profile popup. This is not applied consistently, as shown in the screenshot below. The first question title is not shortened, but truncated by ...
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4 votes
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View more link under badges appears even if there's only one badge left

If you visit this user's page you'll notice that even if there's only one Badge unlocked by the user, the 'view more' link is shown. The view more link makes sense if there's many badges but in this ...
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The site does not accept drag-and-dropped comment

In a comment, I have dragged-and-dropped some text. Now the comment text area has my comment, and I want to post it. So I click on Add Comment. But this does not work. The site keeps telling me to ...
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