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Two long answers disagreeing with each other - how to canonicalize?

Optimally, voting is how the correct answer is recognized. In practice, though, sometimes people vote up answers that are long just because they look thorough. I notice that, in this case, neither ...
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A canonical post on creating Windows To Go drives?

Just write the question and answer There was some lengthy discussion back in January about creating bootable Windows 10 installation media. The first comment by DavidPostill reads: Great idea! ...
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Can we find a canonical QA to close 'will this charger work?' questions against?

I started editing a couple of questions which led to a bit of a rabbit-hole of duplicate-chained questions to do with under or over-specced laptop chargers, which led me to this meta. The basic crux ...
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Can we find a canonical QA to close 'will this charger work?' questions against?

I'm mixed on this. Having been a former thinkpad fan, I'd gone through 3 different charger designs over ... decades, not counting USB PD. My old work HPs were 'meh', it'll work, while dell has a '...
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Canonical question on USB flash drives becoming write-protected

Since I've actually posted the question and answer, I'd like to encourage users with sufficient reputation: Please vote to close (or flag) the duplicates, most of which are in this list. Be sure to ...
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Do we need a canonical question for creating bootable Windows 10 installation media?

Isn't it unwritten because Microsoft provides a tool exactly for this purpose, for free download?
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Canonical question on PXE/"no bootable device" errors, help us close the duplicates

One idea would be to use a custom SQL query with the SE Data Explorer tool, and the Compose Query option to do the searching part and bring you back a list of links to correlated questions. You ...
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