So, someone deleted a couple of comments I made in response to someone else's comments. There was no messaging to me about when or why. That is totally uncool. This is censorship, pure and simple. Your comments were flagged as no longer being needed by a community member. Since they were directed at a specific user, and that user read your comment, they ...


All you have explained is "I have some data I got from some random place on the internet" and nothing more. You have not shown the actual data (preferably in a textual form) on this site and instead linked only to a Quora question that is only marginally less vague than your question. There is some implication that there is a larger dataset behind the ...


Ramhound has already provided a very useful answer as to context and reasons behind the comment removal, and I won't reiterate that here. However, there are a couple of other aspects to your question and answer here that are worth addressing. There was no messaging to me about when or why. (from your question) I can sympathise here; there are times ...


Upper right corner of the browser window:


To quote the close reasons: Questions seeking product, service, or learning material recommendations are off-topic because they become outdated quickly and attract opinion-based answers. So, in a word - no, this won't be on topic.


Just to say... The proper way to request a reopening is to make a case for your own question - not try to what-about other questions. The edits kinda fixed the issue didn't they? However I might request a slightly less adversarial approach when requesting a reopening



@berieb: This is taking down an outdated post-it attached to a poster on a notice board. The deleted comments were a day or perhaps two old. The Q&A were still active, as was I. I was updating my question as my understanding of it changed as part of the ongoing dialog. to That's not the mark of an outdated post-it on a board. Comments are ...


@Ramhound I commend you for standing up and walking into the fray when I purposely and obviously gave you leave to keep on walking (by not calling out the sparking incident). I also thank you for your detailed and thoughtul response. It is helpful for me to understand your thinking process and how those became expressed in action. After time and reflection I ...

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