I asked a simple question about facebook terminating my internet connection, provided all the information I had available What am I doing wrong? how to reopen and improve it?

Here is the link:


Thank you for your help!

  • Can't read the question but shouldn't you be contacting facebook support about this? Also, didn't know you could get internet from facebook. Also, gross. – Will Nov 29 at 21:35
  • 2
    Your question was closed and then 13 days later it was deleted. It was closed because it wasn’t within scope here at SuperUser. The question might have not been closed in the first place if you originally submitted the final revision instead of the first question that absolutely deserved to be deleted.*. However, even with the final revision, you have not provided enough information to identify the cause of the problem you described – Ramhound Nov 30 at 0:09
  • have not provided enough information? did you see the post? – user648026 Dec 11 at 14:31

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