I've just realized that the SuperUser Tour doesn't list programming in the Don't ask about... list. I think we should consider adding it.

We have four migration targets for closed questions:

  • Stack Overflow
  • Server Fault
  • WebApps.SE
  • Android.SE

Three of these have corresponding or overlapping list entries:

  • Videogames, consoles, or other electronic devices, unless they connect to your computer (Android.SE, Ask Different and more)
  • Websites or web services like Google, Facebook, Twitter, and WordPress (WebApps.SE)
  • Issues specific to corporate IT support and networks (Server Fault)

However, Stack Overflow - the largest Stack of them all - isn't mentioned. I'm seeing programming questions posted every now and then, maybe we could direct some posters to SO in the Tour?

I suppose looking at migration statistics could be helpful, but I don't know how to access such data. I don't think such data is available in Data Explorer.


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Maybe we could direct some posters to SO in the Tour?

Some programming questions are on topic, typically scripting languages like cmd, bash, vba and powershell, which does muddy the waters a bit.

Here are some statistics (for the last 90 days):

  • Stack Overflow - 92 (around 1/day)

    • 18% rejected, but most of those are users who are question blocked on SO and decide to try their luck on SU
  • Server Fault - 19

  • Web Apps - 92 (around 1/day)

  • Android - 51

I don't think these numbers warrant changing the Tour page.

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