At the bottom of the Super User About page, it shows that four moderators were elected in the 2011 Community Moderator Elections (Sathya, DMA57361, nhinkle, & studiohack). However, on the Community Moderator Election page, it shows three users (nhinkle is missing).

Can we make this consistent?

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    This is probably because at the time of the election, there were only 3 spots open, but then I got appointed a few months later when there was a new vacancy, and was chosen because I got 4th in the election. I agree that it's inconsistent, though I'm not sure how best to change it since there technically were only 3 elected at that time.
    – nhinkle
    Commented Apr 17, 2011 at 3:44

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We have changed the elections results page to reflect this change - it will now show 3 spots open and 4 winners.

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