Consider this question.

I provided an answer with a bash script. I did remember to add embedded Prettify language hints. The highlighting didn't get turned on. Then I found this post on Meta SE explaining changes to syntax highlighting.

So I edited the question to add the [bash] tag. Now I'm wondering:

  1. Is that a good idea, adding a tag when the question doesn't explicitly limit the solution?
  2. Is adding a tag really necessary to turn on syntax highlighting? Remember that I've peppered my answer with language hints.
  3. The 'preview' of Q & A (prior to tag-change being approved) still didn't show syntax highlighting. Is that by design?

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Your language hints had a typo ("languange" instead of "language"), hence the syntax highlighting didn't get activated.

  • Aaargh! Did not see that... I think I need a new pair of glasses >.< ... thanks for fixing it, @Sathya!
    – pepoluan
    Jan 5, 2015 at 7:53

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