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Do we want to have an option to migrate to AskUbuntu?

With 3341+ questions tagged ubuntu would this seem a good migration option? The most recent ones are: How can I change my uid without opening another user account? vmware linux headers not found for ...
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Superuser vs Unix/Linux vs Ubuntu

If I have a question about Ubuntu, I now have 3 places I could take it to: It seems to me that Ubuntu is a subset of ...
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It annoys me that there's an Apple SE but so many Apple questions on SU

Stack Exchange management wrote a big post about why it makes sense to spin off some topics or areas into their own stack sites. If I have an Ubuntu question, it would make sense to ask it in the ...
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How can I request to move a question to a different Stack Exchange site?

I have a question that would be better off on Stack Overflow, but I asked it here. I've added an edit asking it to be moved, but it's still here. How can I request for it to be moved?
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Flag as off topic - move to linux/unix community is missing

I have tried to flag ALSA stopped working with default device as off-topic, to move it into Unix & Linux community. However there is no option for that (or I don't see it?): Is this missing on ...
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Why is this question best suited for Superuser instead of Sharepoint SE?

When I saw this question, I flagged it the moderator(s) because I thought (and still think) that it is best suited for Sharepoint SE. However, the flag was denied. My question is simple: why is the ...
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site scope about file descriptors

I did this question here a few minutes ago, then I tough it would probably be more in the scope of Unix and Linux. Since super user have tags for I assume the question is on topic here, is it? If not,...
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Ambiguity between SuperUser and Unix/Linux

I have a doubt of what exactly is the scope of SU and Unix/Linux Websites, when it comes to Questions about Unix. I have seen a few questions, one example is I need to rename all image files in a ...
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should [mathematica] usage/programming questions be on-topic on SU?

My main concerns are as follows: a) we have a dedicated stack for them - if they are asked here, they are unlikely to get much attention, they are hard to find ...
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Superuser vs Unix/Linux vs Ubuntu - revisited

10 years ago at the time of writing, this question was asked: Superuser vs Unix/Linux vs Ubuntu regarding the distinction and overlap of scope between the three StackExchange website. The accepted ...
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Flagging Questions as off-topic

When flagging questions as off-topic, and we are given options to choose a site it should go to... What determines that list? For example, if I see a question on SU that I think should belong on the ...
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Should I use Ask Ubuntu or Super User? [duplicate]

If I use Ubuntu 15.10 and I have a question, how would I know to post it on Ask Ubuntu or Super User? Does it make a difference?
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Flagging>Closing>Off-Topic>Migration inadequate choices

Flagging>Closing>Off-Topic>Migration has these choices: belongs on discussion, support, and feature requests for this site belongs on Q&A for ...
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