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1 answer

Software recs - better user guidance

There are many software rec questions on meta, involving correct tags, how to ask etc, but I can't find one that covers this aspect. No matter how well a user follows the guidelines in How do I ask a ...
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Mention Software Recommendations SE on on-topic help page

What topics can I ask about here? says: If you have a question about [computers] and it is not about […] asking for a product […] recommendation, […] then you’re in the right place to ask your ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Should software recommendations be closed or moved?

I noticed that the community (sometimes) get software recommendation questions. These questions seem to be often closed. However, there is also now a Software Recommendations Stack Exchange (no longer ...
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What's the good way to answer "What is the analog of software X for operating system Y?"

I gave an answer today, being just a software recommendation, to a question, asking for a recommendation. If you cannot see deleted answers, there was the software name, a link to homepage and ...
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9 votes
5 answers

Should a very old question asking for software recomendations be flagged?

The question mentioned is five years old, has no votes, and has three answers. Does its age preclude it from being flagged as a software-rec, or should it still be flagged?
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Question about converting a multi-page PDF file to PNG files - can it be reopened?

This is about my question: How to convert a multi-page PDF file to PNG files, with one PNG file per page of the PDF document? - which has been recently closed as off-topic for "seeking product, ...
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Including a reference to the proposed "Software Recommendations" site

There is a plethora of questions here (in meta) that involve what to do about questions involving "Software recommendations". None of them seem to mention the proposal for the Software Recommendations ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Why is question 112455 not off-topic?

This question, which seeks "a program where I can type one, two or more components of chemical reaction and find out the result of it," is a blatant software rec question. I flagged it as off-topic (...
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3 votes
2 answers

Software recommendation and software-rec tag [duplicate]

I think most people feel software recommendations are off topic here at SU - please correct me if I'm wrong. Yet, we have a software-rec tag. Is this not confusing?
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84 votes
2 answers

How do I ask a question that may require recommending software?

I have a problem that I need solved, and it may require the recommendation of software. How do I ask these type of questions so that they aren't closed? Note: This is for reference to point users ...
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13 votes
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I have a suggestion on what to do with the Software Rec Tag

With the upcoming release of Windows 8 we expect an influx of users and questions. I feel that we need to prep for their coming. With that in mind, the software-rec is a nuisance in mine and others ...
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82 votes
4 answers

How do I recommend software in my answers?

I have a piece of software that I would like to recommend as a solution to problems. I'm trying to avoid answering with "link only" answers, and so I need help on how I can answer valid ...
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1 vote
3 answers

I want to ask some technical thing on photoshop/gimp? Which stackexchange should I go?

As per the title, which stack exchange would be most appropriate for an image processing question?
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24 votes
2 answers

Since when are software recommendations off-topic?

I want to take discussion away from Daniel's previous post. Here's my point: I've always been under the impression that software-recommendations were absolutely fine on Super User.* Now, obviously, ...
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16 votes
3 answers

Recommendations for the BEST?

Going through @Gareth's list of candidates for closing, I find several topics that are asking about the best X, with X being software. We're usually pretty liberal with product recommendations if it'...
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