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I suspect this is a quirk rather than an outright bug. I suspect several features came in to play. Your question had been protected due to poor answers such as people effectively saying "me too". You had a cross-site association bonus applied to your account Due to bounties posted you were below 101 reputation Protected questions require 10 reputation on ...


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I'm not middle aged (I THINK!), white (last I checked at least) though I do admit to being male, though the other stuff is not for discussion. That said the votes were invalidated automatically. While we do joke sometimes about community's gender - the vote invalidations were done by an entity that is not white, cismale or middle aged. It has also done ...


Some thoughts: The question makes a valid point. There is a need to ensure that voting is based on post quality rather than the poster, but the automated system is too heavily weighted toward "organic" voting patterns. By that, I mean voting based on encountering posts at random. I'm aware of that characteristic, so I'm careful to avoid triggering the ...

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