Tl;Dr: I'm reviewing open questions about userscripts. During this review I might suggest edits and flag posts. The intention of this post is to share my current ideas about the edits that I think that might be required to be done to fix questions that looks to be asking to find or recomend a script with special interest in userscripts.

from Wikipedia (links not included)

A userscript (or user script) is a program, usually written in JavaScript, for modifying web pages to augment browsing. Uses include adding shortcut buttons and keyboard shortcuts, controlling playback speeds, adding features to sites, and enhancing the browsing history.

Questions having "Is there a script" very frequently are not a good fit for most Stack Exhange sites that might welcome questions about userscripts, either because they look to be "asking for a recommendation", a "work order", "gime the codez" request, needs more details, be unclear, etc. Specifically the OP is asking for a userscript, i.e. to get the old Reedit user interface, instead of asking how to get the old Reedit user interface as happened in A script for Violent Monkey to revert Reddit's UI?.

Besides the X-Y problem, the question didn't show that have tried to search this site. From my comment to the above linked question:

Here are similar questions regarding finding a script Where can I find an updated Google filter Greasmonkey script? , Looking for greasemonkey script(s) to format numbers (only) in different font both from 2010. Another, in this case from the OP, from 2021 : A script for Violentmonkey to automatically add something to the end of all wikia URLs?

Looking at those questions I noticed that the there might be several similar questions. I plan to review the results from the following search:

"Is there a script" is:question closed:0 returns 96 questions

These questions might be "fixed", among other things

  • rewording statements including "Is there a script"
  • answering them as X-Y problem

Currently we have multiple related tags:

, , , , ,

plus many of the tags included in Looking for a canonical about troubleshooting issues about using web applications?

These tags might help to refine the list of the 96 questions.

On questions not including I will suggest to add it.


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