I'm deciding between two graphic cards to buy and I'd like to ask a question regarding this, so that experienced users can help me.

Where does such a question belong to? Here at super user? At any other SE site? Nowhere?

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    It belongs on a hardware/overclocking discussion forum, which is not what Super User is. That being said, do your own research - look up the specs, look up benchmarks/reviews, etc. There will almost always be the comparison you're looking for. Commented Sep 14, 2011 at 12:05

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would be right. You could drop by chat to discuss about it though.


To extend upon what Sathya ♦ said:

If you are comparing two specific models, your question will very likely be closed as too localized. If you ask about how you choose between models, without mentioning a specific one (but rather technolgoies or specifications involved), this should be fine.

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