Block quotes are a good (if semantically questionable) way to visually separate e.g. screenshots as part of a post on SU, which might otherwise be mistaken as part of the post text, since the get a line on the left side (similar to some email clients' quoting).

enter image description here

On MSU, where we regularly include e.g. screenshots of the regular site into posts, it's different:

like this

Unfortunately, it's not nearly as useful when including partial screenshots of a web page, this the background color becomes a not nearly as visible border around the image. Compare the following screenshots taken from a slightly modified version of this post by slhck.

Block quote MSU

enter image description here

Block quote SU

enter image description here


The border on the left side works much better to separate the images from the text of the post.

Please chance the MSU blockquote style to the one used on SU (maybe with less/no saturation in the border color, but a similar overall style).


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This is ... just that SU now inherits somewhat of a MSU styling.

  • Except that SU still has the border, while msu doesn't.
    – Daniel Beck Mod
    Feb 2, 2012 at 8:35

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