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1 answer

RSS feed for favorite tags?

I noticed that every tag has its own RSS feed, it's a handy feature to follow particular subjects. I wonder of there is something similar for own favorite tags: I know that I can individually ...
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Does marking a question as favourite allow tracking its activity?

I have noticed the star icon by someone's question and wondered what exactly does it do? I thought at first it was a way to "watch" the question (without physically commenting or answering) but this ...
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1 answer

Inbox for Favourited items

Questions that are favourited should show up with an Inbox notification for events, such as comments or answers, or even an answer getting accepted as the right one
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2 answers

How to change "Favorite Tags" background color?

I have a hard time seeing this color, maybe because of my screen or my eyes. Could it be changed somehow? maybe to #C1EFF9 or any other color that is darker than currently. Maybe best if the site ...
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Is there an easy way to see your starred questions?

There are some questions I tend to need to reference quite often. Is there a way for me to see my starred questions, without clicking on my username and viewing my list of starred questions? (this ...
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Do I get email notifications for favorited questions? [duplicate]

I would like to track questions which I don't have anything to contribute to.
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1 answer

Favourite/ignored topics bubbles broken

It appears as though the bubbles containing the favourite/ignored topics are missing a side: Is this a new bug in rev 2011.5.9.4? Edit: I'm using Chrome 12.0.742.30 dev. Works in Safari.
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Shouldn't 'mark favorite' give the same reputation as an up vote? Or even more?

I suggest that marking a question as favorite should give at least as much reputation to the writer than upvoting the question... After all, if the user intends to come back to the question later, it ...
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1 vote
1 answer

list favorites?

I see it tells me very recent changes to any of them and how many. Today, this week, last month e.t.c. But I don't want to see changes and I don't want to see just as far as last month. Or rather.. ...
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