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Should the [signature] tag be removed?

There are two tags on my radar today: signature and digital-signature digital-signature is obvious and clearly defined (though, it still needs a description). It's signature that is ambiguous. ...
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Consolidating & adding synonyms for cron, crontab & cronjob tags

There are 145 questions tagged with cron, 61 with crontab & 17 with cronjob. Should these be consolidated into a single tag with appropriate synonyms? If so, would: cron ← crontab cron ← ...
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Rename .net-core to .net and fix past synonyms

In November 2020, Microsoft released .NET 5.0 and the "Core" branding was removed. Alas, 2011's Merge some .NET tags request messed up present times by doing the opposite - removing the word ...
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