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Synonymous meta tags about tagging

There are some meta tags about tags that seems to be synonymous: retagging is a synonym of retag-request. tag-synonym-request is a synonym of tag-synonyms. tag-wiki-suggestion is a synonym of tag-...
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Replace the `Surface` tag?

Users having a Microsoft Surface Computer/Tablet are using the microsoft-surface tag. But I also find some questions having just surface, which does not have a lot to do with the Microsoft Surface ...
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kvm tag ambiguity

The kvm tag is used for both Keyboard-Video-Mouse switch and for Linux Kernel-Virtual-Machine infrastructure. There are tags kvm-switch and linux-kvm Is it worthwhile changing all 'kvm' tags to one ...
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Consolidating & adding synonyms for cron, crontab & cronjob tags

There are 145 questions tagged with cron, 61 with crontab & 17 with cronjob. Should these be consolidated into a single tag with appropriate synonyms? If so, would: cron ← crontab cron ← ...
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Make [standby] and [sleep] and [suspend] synonyms

I believe standby and sleep and suspend are three names for the same thing. Currently questions are split between the tags.
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Merge tags "tab" and "tabs"

Both tab and tabs refer to the exact same thing and thus should be merged.
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