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Synonymous meta tags about tagging

There are some meta tags about tags that seems to be synonymous: retagging is a synonym of retag-request. tag-synonym-request is a synonym of tag-synonyms. tag-wiki-suggestion is a synonym of tag-...
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Replace the `Surface` tag?

Users having a Microsoft Surface Computer/Tablet are using the microsoft-surface tag. But I also find some questions having just surface, which does not have a lot to do with the Microsoft Surface ...
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kvm tag ambiguity

The kvm tag is used for both Keyboard-Video-Mouse switch and for Linux Kernel-Virtual-Machine infrastructure. There are tags kvm-switch and linux-kvm Is it worthwhile changing all 'kvm' tags to one ...
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Consolidating & adding synonyms for cron, crontab & cronjob tags

There are 145 questions tagged with cron, 61 with crontab & 17 with cronjob. Should these be consolidated into a single tag with appropriate synonyms? If so, would: cron ← crontab cron ← ...
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Make [standby] and [sleep] and [suspend] synonyms

I believe standby and sleep and suspend are three names for the same thing. Currently questions are split between the tags.
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Rename .net-core to .net and fix past synonyms

In November 2020, Microsoft released .NET 5.0 and the "Core" branding was removed. Alas, 2011's Merge some .NET tags request messed up present times by doing the opposite - removing the word ...
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Merge tags "tab" and "tabs"

Both tab and tabs refer to the exact same thing and thus should be merged.
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