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Somebody wants to buy my account on

ooh. This is a strange one. IANAL but I suppose the terms of service would be the thing to look at here. I don't see anything explicitly talking about transferring an account but Subscriber is ...
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Somebody wants to buy my account on

Given that: You login into Super User (and by extension the wider Stack Exchange network) via 3rd party authorisation tools Your Super User account is linked to other accounts you may have on the ...
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Is there a way to get a email whenever there's a new answer in a thread?

As of March 2020, you can follow somebody else's question and be notified of any new answers; you will also be notified for edits to and comments on the question though. You can combine that with the ...
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How can I use email receipt to trigger Windows 10 processes

My question was closed The community voted to close your question with the reason Add details and clarify the problem being solved. This will help others answer the question. You can edit the ...
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How can I log in to Stack Exchange using email if my account was created by Facebook?

But I can’t see in logged in user account in “Edit Profile & Settings” and “My Logins” and ”add more logins…” an option to add email. There are only more Facebook, Google+ like options. If ...
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How can I use email receipt to trigger Windows 10 processes

I cannot see the benefit of this site when it allows behaviour that discourages people asking questions. I am unsure what behavior you feel is discouraging asking questions here, but while clearly ...
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