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Automatically embed image links

New users need at least 10 reputation in order to post images. They also need more than 10 rep to post more than 2 links. This is mainly an anti spam measure and does not (usually) significantly ...
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Let's fix all the broken images

Summing up the comments Here's what we essentially need. High reputation users should probably keep an eye on the edit queue -and improve and accept rather than reject edits related to this fix up....
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How to get actual image to post?

The word graphics on your question there is a tag. Every question must have at least one tag. For example, this question here has two, support and images. Where you meant for there to be an image, ...
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Possible bug with the new image hosting system: PNG images are declared “Too small…” if both dimensions are not equal to or larger than 160 pixels

Previously on Meta Stack Exchange, Slate mentioned we had initially restricted the size requirement due to a new set of platform safety features we had implemented. However, we saw that limiting the ...
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Convert external image links into inline pictures?

Is there any function to automatically convert external image links into inline pictures? Click the image icon (it looks like a mountain): From here you can "Browse, drag & drop, or paste an ...
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Automatically embed image links

I believe that the settings are good in their current state. Yes, it's likely that someone with enough rep will eventually edit the post to embed the image for the user, and this make more work for ...
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