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Re-migrate or unlock question

The question has been unlocked so that the community can vote on whether it should be reopened. As it stands though the question could do with some cleanup to break up the Great Wall of Text and care ...
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Re-migrate or unlock question

When a question is migrated and then closed or deleted on the target site, the migration is considered "rejected." That causes the target site's copy to be locked and the source site's copy to be ...
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2 votes

Undelete and historically lock question 913055: Troubleshooting a physically damaged (kicked) desktop computer

Historical locking is meant for questions that, in hindsight, should never have been asked. Questions that, due to topic or format, have problems that are impossible to correct. The lock renders them ...
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Re-migrate or unlock question

Accidentally left a small form factor PC in ~100F (37c) temperature for several hours - is it safe to use? was closed as primarily opinion based. In a discussion about this with he remarked: ...
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