It's really not sure what the user is trying to ask - and as such I'd actually vote to close as Not a Real Question on Stack Overflow itself. At it's current state, it's definitely not for Super User and even if fixed to some shape, across the lines of how to share code across partitions it isn't really on-topic for Super User


Tags need to be created by someone - usually after a question is created. I guess the smart thing to do is to ask a question, making it unambiguous to what i2p is. Make sure folks with enough reputation know (but you have!). Include other, appropriate tags and once the i2p tag is created, help fill in the tag wiki - try not to copy sources but paraphrase ...


I think this is more qualified for Stack Overflow, since it is to deal with how to program such a thing. They will have support for any language you are choosing to program with.

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