Kinda ironically, I'm torn between commenting on your blog and answering here. I'd like to start by saying I'll be reproducing sections of your blog post for the purposes of trying to address your issues. Having read through this though, I'm unsure that you'd be satisfied but I've tried my best. This post contains the text of a question that I originally ...


Search results and question lists appear similar, but have subtly different behavior and styles. You're looking at search results. The first result is an answer. The indicator is that it says "answered" in the bottom-right (as you observed), and also the "A:" prefix on the title. To limit your search to questions, use the is: question operator. See also: ...


People are a little overzealous about suggesting an alternate site for things. Scripting languages for desktop applications are on topic here. Bash, AHK and PS would more often than not be on topic here, unless you were abusing them in unspeakable ways. Python, depends on what you do. C and such go to SO. In this case the comment is incorrect, and well ...


Now that you mention it, I was somewhat curious. I ran the following simple query on both Super User and Stack Overflow to see how many users had edit permission (>= 2000 reputation): SELECT COUNT(*) FROM Users WHERE Users.Reputation >= 2000 Which returns 488 for Super User, and 18890 for Stack Overflow. As a percentage of total users (i....


When I commented earlier, I hadn't read the linked material, basically for the same reason linked content is discouraged in general -- besides it becoming unavailable, it's a pain in the butt to go chasing after information that's critical to the post. But curiosity got the better of me. I rarely succumb to posting something negative or hostile, but ...


There are excellent analyses above so I will only summarize: Everyone got very little time in life - no need to click on a link to a picture that can be embedded (we as a community edit those) - no need to link to an answer, we mostly flag those, that should be posted on SU. The idea is that anyone coming here is able to find answers to questions already ...


Stackoverflow is for programming issues. One thing to remember though is that questions asking for product recommendations usually get closed, simply because they're off topic, too localized and not constructive. Part of the other SE etiquette is to not cross posts items across sites.


No, AutoHotKey is a scripting language and is thus pretty well on-topic for Super User. However, what you're trying to do, and the way you're going about it, is not a very good solution for the task you're assigned to do, as I've commented on your main question. Just be aware of that.


I agree that too many questions that are posted on a site where they are on-topic get erroneously migrated to Stack Overflow.  This is a bigger problem on Unix & Linux Stack Exchange, where some people react to anything that looks like source code the way people in warm climes react to a snowflake, but I guess it’s a problem here on Super User, too. ...


It's really not sure what the user is trying to ask - and as such I'd actually vote to close as Not a Real Question on Stack Overflow itself. At it's current state, it's definitely not for Super User and even if fixed to some shape, across the lines of how to share code across partitions it isn't really on-topic for Super User


As far as I know, given the FAQ & rules of Super User, this is on-topic, given the use of the general "modern" editor. Personally, I take this to mean configurable, which would likely indicate it has a set of "modern"-esque key bindings (esp. the reference to Common User Access [CUA]). And really, if anyone can find a CLI-based editor which supports ...


Reversing a migration isn't possible, but I think I see both sides of the issue sigh I'll reopen, have a word with a few people, and strongly recommend screentogif for making a gif


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