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Why is this question best suited for Superuser instead of Sharepoint SE?

It might be better suited there, but it was asked here. Unless a question is specifically off topic here then there is no reason to push it around the network and potentially alienate users by ...
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Super User in Portuguese

Fun fact: when I first wanted to ask a programming question on Stack Exchange, I signed up for Programmers, assuming that was the right place. I posted my question (10k+ on programmers only), and then ...
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How do I sign up to Superuser with my Stack Exchange OpenID?

The "sign up page" that you show is accessed by clicking, naturally, on "sign up":                    "Sign up" means "create a brand new account".  If you already have a Stack Exchange (OpenID) ...
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Super User in Portuguese

Since some discussion about "on-topicness overlap" around Portuguese StackOverflow (SOpt) and Portuguese Super User (SUpt) arised, I decided to take the 40 example questions from the definition phase ...
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Why doesn't Superuser have superuser.stackexchange.com address unlike other stackexchange websites?

Superuser's one of the 'original' StackExchange sites, AKA the trilogy - we predate the foo.stackexchange.com sites, which I believe started with SE 2.0 So yeah, we're older and as such have a cool ...
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Super User not using my SE network profile

How can I set it to my network profile without having to type everything manually? Go to your SO profile (or any profile you want to propagate to SU) Click "Edit Profile and Settings" Scroll to the ...
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What is the difference between Super User and Stack Overflow?

SO is about any way of creating Software. There are many ways of creating software, wether it's programming, scripting, or even the drag and drop from the Lego Robot. Meanwhile Superuser is more ...

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