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Yes, it is. Do not click the Sign up with Google or Sign up with Facebook buttons. Just fill in the fields.


This will probably be moved to meta In short, users who are active on other sites in the stack exchange network gets an association bonus of 100 reputation points on this site. The requirement is to have above 200 reputation points on an SE site. The reason is that such users probably know the format, and some of the restrictions for new users, such as ...


You escalated a situation and made it worse. The issue is simply this: You responding the way you did is more egregious than what was done to you. Nobody cares “Who started it…” unless the person who started it was really insulting and out of line. Have you ever heard of the term/concept of “de-escalation?” You did the opposite: You clearly escalated ...


For context: There is a big difference between "snark" in someone potentially jokingly saying, and I quote: You're going to delete individual songs on albums? Appalling. And your reply that ended with Shove your idiotic snobbishness about music, of all things, where the sun doesn't shine. One may possibly be rude, taken out of context and with ...

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