Recently I started reviewing suggested edits, and while reviewing I found lots of suggested edits were "proposed x hour ago by an anonymous user", this piqued my curiosity, I wonder who this anonymous user is;

Is the anonymous user the Community user?

I just found out that I can still click edit while I was logged out, so I think suggest edits proposed by an anonymous user were proposed while no account was logged in, is that correct?

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Is the anonymous user the Community user?


Anyone on the internet can suggest edits. When someone without a Stack Overflow account does this, then the resulting suggested edit is recorded as anonymous (but moderators can see the IP address).


When the suggested edit is accepted, the suggestion results in an actual change, a revision to the post. That resulting revision is attributed to Community. That's because all revisions on the site must have a valid user account associated with them, so Community is 'blamed'.

Source: what does mean for proposed yesterday by an anonymous user?, answer by Martijn Pieters ♦

So a not logged in user proposes the edit and if it gets accepted it is attributed to the community user.

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