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7 answers

Is "It's impossible" a valid answer, or is it a comment?

Sometimes you can see a question like How to do <something> in <some program>, asking for advice how to replicate a feature of competitive program or how to do something that OP expects to ...
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1 answer

How do comment @replies work?

In a comment under my questions somebody used first name only @Ivoxzy instead of using the users full name @Ivoxyz FFlipse Is the correct user going to informed about this message that was address ...
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Should adding a constructive comment fail an audit? [duplicate]

I have just failed this audit for adding a comment. After having carefully read the question and the answer (which was in the first post review) I noticed that the answer ends with the following ...
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2 answers

Why do people attempt to discourage long well-written answers by instant AI accusations?

I remember a discussion where people were so sure in their ability to detect AI, when SE decided to not allow dealing with potential ChatGPT answers. What I see in reality, occassionally, is that most ...
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8 votes
2 answers

How should I request for comment cleanup on migrated questions?

Going through the list of recently migrated questions (10k), some of these really need some editing or other moderation. What you see quite often on those questions are comments like: not ...
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7 votes
4 answers

Comments to a question that should be answers

Problem: A trend of questions being answered purely in the comment field of the question. There is no formal migration of this into the answer format to the question. As a result, questions that ...
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6 votes
1 answer

Post editors are not suggested recipients for @-addressing

There is no username popup suggesting completion when typing an editor's user name prefix. Steps to reproduce: Find a post by AUser that was edited by UserB Write a comment addressing @UserB ...
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4 votes
2 answers

How do I comment on a post?

I've had several answers deleted because they were more on the order of comments. When I look for a "comment" button on a question or answer there's nothing to be found. I've assumed that I simply don'...
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4 votes
1 answer

Can I prematurely generate a "let's start this discussion in chat" link?

There are some occasions where comments become a bit like a discussion, and the link to start a conversation in chat comes up. And it's all neat: It's an archived chat specific to that question. But ...
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Why did my comment get removed?

I left a comment answering another comment on Eraser: "Warning: This computer has had System Restore or Volume Shadow Copies enabled.". Does my USB flash drive contain any copies of files stored?. I ...
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17 votes
1 answer

Can we educate users to stop adding "Belongs on xyz.SE!" comments without further explanation?

Similarly to people telling the OP to ask their question on Apple.SE, even if it's on topic here on SU, I think that there's a general problem with comments like the following: This should be on ...
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17 votes
5 answers

Was my suspension for commenting called for?

I have been suspended last week. No reason or previous warning was given, but presumably it was because of my activity on Tetsujin's answer to "What to do when my Mac is frozen?". Since it ...
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11 votes
2 answers

Why is commenting everywhere restricted to those with enough reputation?

I frequently run into the problem on this site that I have a general idea of a solution to a problem, but I need extra information about the issue. However, I can't comment to ask for that information ...
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10 votes
2 answers

Incorporating more information from comments while editing

Editing guidelines (for example this meta question) do not give any information about incorporating additional information from comments. For example, while editing this, there is additional rather ...
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5 votes
2 answers

Comments are not wrapped, continued on other side of page

How do I delete a folder which is nested quite deep and avoid "File name too long"? The comments for the first answer aren't wrapping, and seem to be hiding behind the side bar, and ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Do comment upvotes affect your rep?

When your comment is upvoted, does it increase your reputation or does it not have any effect on it?
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4 votes
1 answer

Why was my comment explaining reason for a downvote deleted?

Earlier today I have downvoted this answer and left a comment explaining my action. It was something like this: -1 because this is an unreadable 5 lines long run of words with no formatting or ...
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1 answer

Why can't comments be downvoted?

Since comment upvotes don't yield any reputation, I'm just wondering why comments can be upvoted but not downvoted. I see a lot of comments with flat out wrong information or unhelpful responses, and ...
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inserting a line break in a comment [duplicate]

Is this possible? It gets annoying when I want to address two different things in one comment (or two different people) and it all gets crammed together.
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2 answers

Why is voting and commenting still allowed after a question is closed?

What I know is closing a question means it's not appropriate to ask it in the community. That's why it's closed, but is it fair to continue voting for such closed questions? Whether it's up or down ...
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1 answer

Why did these comments get deleted? Someone else wrote the same afterward and got over 20 upvotes

I asked this question: How can I check the version of Google Chrome without it upgrading itself without asking me? Someone added a comment saying "why not unplug cable?" (perhaps worded differently, ...
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1 vote
2 answers

Informative comments, should they deleted?

I've recently come over to SU to ask a question, being an active user on SO. It seems at least here, that the opinion is that informative comments ta should be deleted, and wonder why that was so? I ...
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1 answer

Custom close reason is processed as a comment

When I click on “Close” (under a question), I get a “Why should this question be closed?” dialog box.  If, in that box, I click on “off-topic because…”, I get a “Closing > Off-Topic” box.  If I then ...
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2 answers

Why do certain commenters take a rude tone with new users?

I saw this question: Video Player code (JavaScript, HTML5 etc), and I thought it might be good to give the person a way to solve the problem, even though it isn't on topic for this website. I've ...
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2 answers

Can I get notified when my comment is deleted

Two days ago I replied to a comment (under my own question, which happened to be closed later). To my surprise my last comment was seemingly deleted by an admin. The comment was acceptable, as I ...
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