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Super User is trialling the new image hosting system

I was informed that we're testing the new image upload system. Practically, other than the URL changing, it appears to be identical. If there's any issues with image uploads, feel free to post a new ...
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1 answer

Images that are wider than 640px

To handle overflow, Super User uses the following CSS for images: img { max-width: 640px; } For example, look at the following images with widths of 640px and 800px, respectively: The second ...
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Let's fix all the broken images

One of the steps on Stack Exchange's road to HTTPS is the replacing of embedded http:// images with secure ones. This has been done automatically for a lot of images, but there are some that can't be ...
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How do I post an image if I don't have enough reputation points to do so?

I am new in superuser. I knew this site from my friend and I wanted to post a question. My problem is related with Google Chrome display. However, I cannot post the image since I don't have any ...
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12 votes
3 answers

Why do the voting arrow images on have non-straight edges?

Does it look like this to anyone else? missing image Edit: I've edited the image to show the stackoverflow and superuser arrows next to each other. I'm not terribly concerned about the difference in ...
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11 votes
5 answers

How to create image thumbnails?

When I upload images to SU it's usually to showcase some error message or some dialog box. However, most of the time, the uploaded images are just too big. Especially when I write answers with step-by-...
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Including pictures under CC-BY-SA license

What is the correct way to include pictures under a CC-BY-SA license, eg from Wikipedia? I first refrained from adding the picture in this question, but after another User decided to add it directly, ...
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2 answers

Alt Text on Several Graphics

I'm a completely blind user with a screen reader, and while browsing the website, my attention was attracted by this question As I have experience as a blind user, I wanted to make sure the answers ...
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7 votes
2 answers

How can I insert a picture in a Super User question?

I am trying to insert a picture in a Super User question. How can I do that?
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1 answer

How to get actual image to post?

I have a question about my Super User post: How to get rid of white edges When I first posted this question, the appended image didn't show up. Instead, there was just the word "graphics," ...
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3 answers

Add expand functionality to images

When we add images to posts, they're often shrunk to fit the web page (reduction of the width and height). I suspect this is done automatically by the HTML. However, some times, we need to see the ...
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7 votes
1 answer

Can all images be on 'stack.imgur' to prevent endless edits? Or get an interesting tab?

In Do we care about edit flooding? Should we be doing anything?, Jeff Atwood mentioned: Edits should be reasonably substantive -- trivial edits have all the negatives but almost none of the ...
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7 votes
0 answers

Huh ? Can't Post Image

SuperUser says that I can't post an image, and gives this reason... This shows my current level. Huh ? Both screen caps were taken from the same screen without reloading.
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1 answer

Possible bug with the new image hosting system: PNG images are declared “Too small…” if both dimensions are not equal to or larger than 160 pixels

Preface: While I saw this similar question on Meta Stack Exchange, and the original poster there is complaining about the 160 limit in general. My issue is with the restriction being applied to both ...
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5 votes
1 answer

How can I post screenshots with less than 10 reputation?

I have just spent quite some time putting a decent question together including screenshots and diagrams only to realize I need 10 points to post images in my questions. How can post the images though?...
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1 answer

Are linked images automatically updated to StackExchange's imgur account?

Are linked images automatically updated to StackExchange's imgur account? I noticed many of the linked images within questions and answer are hosted at If not, then how can I upload ...
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0 answers

Whats with all the bad image links today?

Since last night, I've encountered a surprising number of posts on superuser with image links that say "Enter image Description Here", and which fail to resolve to a page on Imgur (Connection reset ...
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2 answers

Should duplicate answers be posted, just to include screen shots?

I stumbled upon this question which has an answer posted (and edited) months ago. Just today, a new answer was posted with the exact same steps as the old answer, but including screen shots of the ...
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Some images from images only show an error message

Some answers in How do you get a shell on a Mac? have images that only show an error from imgur saying: "The image you are requesting does not exist or is no longer available." Is that ...
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Are screenshots preferred over links?

I got an answer with a screen shot out of the documentation for the program I was asking about. In the comment thread below, the person who posted the screen shot seems to be alleging that screen ...
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1 answer

Malformed image Markdown when using add image dialog

The “Add image” toolbar button is outputting malformed markdown. I am using Firefox 40.0.3 on Mac OS X 10.10.5 (Yosemite). Here in my screenshot nothing is selected. Cursor was just at that spot. ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Load an image in Superuser?

I looked at the superuser help but I'm still unable to know how to load a jpg I created with a screenshot to be pasted in Superuser in order to explain myself better
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1 answer

Convert external image links into inline pictures?

Is there any function to automatically convert external image links into inline pictures? Or am I required to download them to my machine first and drag and drop them somehow onto the posting?
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2 votes
1 answer

Should questions be edited to show images in-line?

Looking at the first version of this question. The image link provided in the question points to an imgur URL, so probably was uploaded using the magic now built in to the site. So, should this be ...
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When editing this post, the "preview" displays the image correctly. When viewing the question, the image is not displayed

Have a look at this answer. I see the text ![Phone Types on][2] rather than the image he is trying to display. But when I clicked "Edit" to fix his formatting, I found that the image ...
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Differnt PNG encoding? [closed]

Using's interface tonight, was given the below error when putting together Windows 7 in Compatibility Mode options on Windows 7 Enterprise: Problem being, it was a PNG I was trying to ...
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2 answers

Automatically embed image links

It seems that half of the questions from new users have linked example images (better than no example at all) that we then edit to make the image inline. Could SE automagically alter posts to turn ....
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Images abducted by until we pay the ransom

I'm not sure what is involved in the registration of the domain (surely they want some $$). This is the question: iTunes 9 does not show icon in Windows 7 taskbar? Can a moderator register the ...
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Reuploading non-broken images from imgur to stack.imgur

Gareth has been editing many of my posts recently to upload images that were already at Imgur to Many posts were submitted after the whole let's just replace i.imgur with i.stack....
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First time visitors cannot upload images - This is annoying

First time visitors cannot upload images. This is very annoying I would imagine for both parties! Can we create something which (for a totally wild example), when a first time user tries to upload ...
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A picture is a thousand words. Let's make use of that more. Promote Pictures in SuperUser

I've been to so many forums on computers over the years an one thing always stands out. The Lack of information. Take this recent question for example:
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