Post an answer that would be significantly outside the original answer (A guide with many additional answers and steps. I've done this a few times and it's been fairly well-received, so I don't see the problem with just doing that.


Yes, you should - Its definitely spam, and you should flag it. Well, if I hadn't deleted the user anyway.


TL;DR: If I see a question on the front page that I believe is off topic according to current standards, then I vote to close that question. Sure, perhaps closing a question can in principle be seen as "penalizing" the author of that question. But really, there are two major possibilities here (allowing for slight variations of each): The asker is no ...


[close a question that is] no longer being on-topic The Stack Exchange network's policy is clear: you are not allowed to ask off-topic questions. If a question was asked years ago and it was on topic, then don't molest it. (This assumes it's not close-able for other reasons.) The Stack Exchange network also lacks a clear policy on what to do with questions ...


Gold tag-badge holders are now able to instantly close duplicate questions. As the only holder of the wireless-networking gold tag-badge you are now our resident expert on closing duplicate questions within that tag. Congratulations! Use your new power wisely. The rules are: You can instantly close as a duplicate any question that was originally asked with ...


If a question is off topic, then it is off topic. It matters not whether it was on topic at the time of asking. So, Yes, do vote to close. Don’t go out of your way to look for problems, unless they’re the kind of problems you can fix yourself. Do your best to fix any problem you see on the front page, in review queues, in your normal browsing of the site. ...


Welcome to inflation. Or at least the close votes queue. Currently, we allow 20 reviews per user per queue per day, but we double this to 40 if the queue size is over 1000. So long as the close waiting count is above 1000, then you'll be able to use 40 from the queue. Other times, it will shrink back down to 20 if under 1000.


Whether or not a question is too broad is based on the nature of the required answer. In very general terms, a question should be a single issue. However, there is a gray area when you get into closely related, multi-part questions. In some cases, multiple parts are best handled as separate questions, either because: a comprehensive answer would be ...


The idea behind this is that if you're giving a custom reason, then the user should be aware of why their question is being closed. This is intentional and by-design.


For the moment, this is intended behaviour. Well, not so much directly intended, but... it's a pretty small loophole/edge case. For the time being (the past year and beyond :)), I'd say that if you see someone abusing self-deletion like that, flag the post for a moderator to look over. They can either close the post or reprimand the user, as appropriate.


Yes. See Can we have the ability to retract a close vote before it closes? for more info. Just click on "close" again, and you will see a button for "retract close vote".


It's preferable to vote to close your question as duplicate; if someone else searches with the same keywords that you've used, it'll redirect them to the dupe question


Click on the close option & you'll see the reason being highlighted


There is already a page like this for moderators and users with 10k+ reputation like yourself. That provides an easy place to see all pending close votes, without cluttering the home page with unnecessary information. The close votes review queue is also another place to quickly see questions with pending close votes. If you want to contribute to keeping ...


Every close vote has a justification, otherwise it would not have been cast. Even "I did not mean to click that" is a justification. The mass of the Community means that there must be 5 such justifications made or asserted before the question is actually closed, and even then the design of SuperUser is not for closed questions to remain closed. Instead, ...

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