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Is it possible to find all my questions which have answers from specific user?

Search only acts on one user. The search for all your open questions with at least one answer and is unaccepted is user:104103 answers:1 hasaccepted:no closed:no There's no syntax for "where ...
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How Boolean operators fit with tags?

The OR operator is used combine the results from searching multiple tags. There does not appear to be an AND operator. [windows-8] and explorer gives 1054 results for SuperUser. [windows-8] explorer ...
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The accepted answer styling makes 'votes' invisible in search

This seems to be fixed now
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Trying to find one of my own (deleted?) questions

I think its this one. It got roombaed - deleted by the system for being zero score, zero answer.
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Top Questions: superuser Alltime

You can use SE Data Explorer to create queries. Best answers created within 3 month range Use it for whatever site, or fork it and change answers to questions and 3 months to 1 year, whatever you ...
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